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Who We Are

Spiral Freerun CIC is a community interest in company which specialises in providing high quality educational & fun parkour sessions to individuals aged 4+ regardless of background or experience level. We are a team of Parkour athletes that have been training between the regions of 5-15 years. All of our fantastic team of coaches continue to train parkour on a daily basis  to better their understanding of movements and develop a bank of progressions, techniques and teaching points to create a safer and more linear path of learning for our students to follow. Our coaches have an understanding towards the mentality of each and everyone of our participants upon their learning process as well as the physical experience of breaking down the movements into safe and easy to follow progressions and conditioning. By enduring the process ourselves on a regular basis, coaches at Spiral Freerun have the ability to teach a multitude of movements & styles to suit your training.  You can meet the team here -

Spiral Freerun is a company that is dedicated to assisting the local community within Bedford, Bedfordshire and surrounding areas  by providing three main benefits

  • Health & Wellbeing: 

    • ​Physical Fitness - The increases to an individuals fitness during their journey as a Parkour practitioner is far greater than many traditional sports as the training is completely defined by the individual meaning improvements can be made in every aspect of physical fitness as where most sports provide benefits to one or a few main physical components​.  There are many different training styles within Parkour and therefore, depending on the style of your training, the physical fitness benefits you will experience may differ  throughout your Parkour training career. 

    • Increased Strength - Whilst you do not have to be strong to start Parkour, a good foundation level of strength will speed up and enhance your learning process as many of the movements beyond a beginners level require a good degree of control, power and speed. Increased strength levels arise from the repeated conditioning the body will be receiving during training sessions. Using nothing but the body and external surroundings, the increased control over the support of the body allow for a system in which the body is prepared for and is trained to react in ways that are  efficient and safe.

    • Injury Resistance - Increased strength gains directly relate to injury resistance, as the thickening of the muscle walls & soft tissue become more resiliant to impact and help protect the body during physical exercise. Appropriate strength training and conditioning combined are the two most important aspects of Parkour training in orer to increase the longevity of your training and allow for greater movement and utilization of the body.

    • Body Awareness - By putting the body through a range of  scenarios on a regular basis, you are training it to react in a way that is second nature by building muscle memory. Increases in aerial and spacial awareness are the two most noticeable areas of awareness increases.

  • Positive Mental Health:

    • Mental Attributes - Whilst learning Parkour, participants will encounter a complete range of emotions both good and bad. The number one human instinct is safety and survival and the nature of the sport is to put ourselves through a range of tasks/ challenges that are stressful and rewarding and where the risk of danger is often high. Fear is one of the most common emotions that participants will experience during their learning process and the exposure to and the conquering of this fear will provide huge benefits to the participants mental attributes such as self confidence, situation analysis, composure  and provide an array of other positive mental health attributes. With Parkour being an individual sport, the frequency and consistency of achievements is much greater than many traditional sports as the success is entirely dependent on the goals set by the individual. Here at Spiral Freerun, with our experience combined, we teach you how to set goals within Parkour to stay positive during your learning and provide you with the greatest chance of success during a process which requires a lot of determination and hard work.

    • Mental health is something that is very close to our hearts as many of our staff have been affected either directly or indirectly by someone who is suffering from ill mental health. Our teaching very much has a focus on improving the quality of participants mental health by providing years of expertise to help manage and surpass periods of training which can often be difficult. 

  • Inlusion: 

    • Our services are open to individuals aged 4+ regardless of background because we believe strongly in prividing an opportunity for everyone to begin implementing Parkour into their day to day life as Parkour is a sport without limitations. We work closely with organisations who aim to tackle inclusion within Bedford​ such as IMPAKT, The Harpur Trust and BPHA in whih we provide workshops for individuals who are less accessible to our club for a reduced/ removed cost.


Spiral Freerun was birthed on 18.03.2012 where a team of friends began doccumenting their training and began growing the brand, Whilst the focus was never on teaching and transferring our skills onto others, we quickly began to inspire many people around Bedfordshire and helped open peoples eyes to the capabilities of the human body. The focus shifted from progressing ourselves as athletes for fun into something which we realised could provide a great benefit to our community and those around us. It took 4 years to grow enough interest within the community and a big enough name for ourselves to be able to open our services to the general public in 2016. Kickstarting our coaching at Great Denham Primary, Biddenham Upper, Kings Oak Primary & Bedford Academy, we began teaching at & visiting various other schools, working with organizations, performing & developing a company which provides an array of services to anything based around Parkour. Spiral Freerun is a company which has been run & grown by a group of dedicated indivuals who began their journey with no equipment, money or assistance. Whilst we began growing more, our classes and services becamre more sought after and so we continued to push towards our goal of pne day having our own permanent centre dedicated to helping introduce & develop peoples Parkour/ Freerunning training.


In December 2020 we decided that we would take a leap from a small company delivering just 5 classes a week and begin our journey as a full time company offering classes Monday-Sunday all year round. We officially registered as a Community Interest Company on the 8th June 2021 and have been developing projects and products which allow us to continue to provide our 3 main benefits on a larger scale.

Our Goals

We are currently based at Ride Leisure at Wyboston lakes. Our completely mobile equipment range means that the setup and layout of the gym change on a daily/ weekly basis to keep the environment fresh and allow participants to become more creative with their movement. Because of this, our operating hours are limited and the extent of our services is limited by our opening hours. Our ultimate goal is to have our own dedicated centre within Bedford, Bedfordshire which is entirely ours where we can operate our services morning-night on a daily basis. A centre which is in the heart of the community, a gym deisgned by the members of the company and their experience combined to create a space for optimal development and a hub for young people to do something which will supply them with a multitude of  positive  benefits.

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