For one of my A-Levels (EPQ) I had the task of creating a 2 year project on anything that I wanted. I've always wanted to do a Parkour/ Freerunning documentary to express my views on the art and to show people the benefits of it. 

This video took a ridiculous amount of time to plan, film, edit, render and export and I am really proud of the outcome. It's not the best quality and there was so much more that I actually filmed but I think 22 minutes is an ideal length for a documentary so I decided to just cut it down to the most relevant details.

The whole documentary is based on myself and my journey through Parkour/ Freerunning from the beginning to where I am now. Not only that but I talk about how Freerunning has a positive impact on society, the views and ideologies of a Freerunner and just so much more.

Feel free to express your views in the comments section but please no negative feedback, I know that nothings perfect and there was so much more I could have done to make it better but I think this documentary is worthy of so congratulations. I am not the best editor, filmer, freerunner, or even human being so just simply sit back and enjoy the short film.

I was going for a more inspirational and motivational feel for this video and that will be apparent as of about 9 minutes onwards. The beginning is basically explaining my life with freerunning and the rest is where I am most happy with. Feel free to skip to that point if you wish.

There are some pieces of 3rd party content in this video but this is simply for illustrative and entertainment purposes, I am not taking any credit for the work of others, I am simply showcasing it in a way that displays its relevance to the documentary and myself as a person.

3rd Party Content in order - Professor Longhair Big Chief -
Yamakasi -
Casino Royale -
Eric Thomas Motivational Speech -
Rosa Parks Bus Scene -
Animals vs Humans - Parkour/ Freerunning -
Disabled People Never Give UP -

Songs in order: The XX, Kanye West, Pendulum, Eminem - The Intro -
Phaeleh Ft Soundmouse - Afterglow -
Rimshox - Forgotten -
Steve Jablonsky - Bumblebee -
Niklas Aman - Stirred Up -
Hanz Zimmer - Time -

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Lastly, enjoy the video, share with your friends, feel free to comment, give this video a like and most importantly make the most of the time you have on planet earth, Peace!

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