Bedford River Festival 2018

Bedford's Bi-Annual River Festival is a collaboration of arts, crafts, food, stalls, and activities from a variety of different cultures. With the famous food market, main stage full of live entertainment, fun fair and fair ground stalls, and of course the sports village, there are endless opportunities. The festival brings 100,000+ people over the course of a day for its 2-day weekender, from all over the country. The whole Spiral Freerun team felt truly honoured to have their own stall at the festival as well as being given the opportunity to perform on both of the days. 

We were lucky enough to be funded a very generous amount of money from Arts Council England (ACE) to deliver a multitude of performances encouraging movement and spreading the positivitiy of street furniture and how it can be used to it's full potential. With this, we were  honoured to be introduced to and taugthy by the creative and clever Mickael Marso Riviere (a photographer, choreographer and dancer) who helped shape our performance into what you all saw at the festival!

We welcomed the young generations through to the older generations to come and have a try on our tumble air track and to explore Parkour/ Freerunning in a bit more detail. There was some incredibly talented people who visited us in the sports village across the weekend and the team had an amazing and truly humble weekend.

A massive Thank You from the whole team here at Spiral Freerun. We hope that everyone thoroughlly enjoyed themselves at this years #bedfordriverfestival2018 we know we sure did! We want to thank each and every one of you who visited us, took photos for us, recorded us, purchased our products, spoke to us, had a jump with us, watched us perform and most importantly, had fun with us!


A massive thankyou to  our friends and family and to the following:

Massive shout out to:

Arts Council England -

Jack Pallister (Photographer) -

Ian Whiting (Photographer) -

Cliff Harvey (Photographer) -

John Pegram (Photographer) -

Steve Gray (Photographer) -

Mickael Marso Riviere -

Pete (Skip Beatz) -

The Compound Uk -


And finally, a MASSIVE thank you to Johanne Hudson-Lett who made all of this happen!

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