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Mini's Parkour Class (4-6yrs)

It is greatly beneficial to enrol your child into Parkour from a young age as the more we age, the more fearful we become of trying new things. Parkour to a young child is like an endless game of fun, where you can run and jump and swing and climb as much as you please, without anyone telling you off in fear of hurting yourself. Our Mini's Parkour class is the yongest  age group that we work with currently at Spiral Freerun. 

Run in the exact same way as our regular parkour classes, with a more basic and much more hands-on approach to teaching the skills. Our Mini's class is a fantastic stepping stone into Parkour/ Freerunning, giving  young children the chance to reach success in the sport much quicker than those who start at an older age. 

Our Mini's class is great for kids who just seem to want to "throw themselves about" or can't seem to "sit still". It will provide you as a parent a greater level of confidence seeing your child learn how to recover from a fall, falling safely and gaining a better understanding of how to use their body more effectively as one well-oiled machine.

How To Sign Up:

We recommend signing up for our membership to secure your space and reduce the cost of classes. 

You can sign up by clicking the button at the bottom of this page and choosing the relevant option.  Upon completion of our registration form, you will receive an email confirming your submission. One of our admin team will then approve your request to join and add you to the relevant class, where you will receive a further email confirming your enrolment in our classes.

For a full list of our classes and their payment options, please see below.

PLEASE NOTE: You must enter your bank details upon sign up.

Our Prices:

  • Mini's Parkour Class - £25 Per Month


Members who are signed up to the Monthly Membership will be charged on the 1st day of each month electronically via Direct Debit.

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