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Our Clients & Reviews

Kelly Cripps

Parent of Participant- Monday Beginner Class

Hey coaches, Just want to put down into words my thanks and gratitude to you guys. Lewis has had a tricky time the last few years, he’s struggled to find his place in the world and never quite felt like he fitted in. A diagnosis of ADHD & DCD got him some help at school but its taking longer to undo the feelings of being useless and finding things to improve his self esteem. We were advised to find something he can be good at. We’ve tried everything, all resulting in meltdowns. He wouldn’t even walk in the door to a lot of stuff. Nothing suited him. Then he asked to try Parkour… You may not realise but having clips of class on FB meant I could show him what it would look like before we came. For kids like Lewis even seeing the building really helps them not be so scared when they turn up as they already know what to expect. And my goodness he loves you guys and loves his class. I can’t thank you enough. Monday is our favourite day, Spiral is his happy place, he found his tribe. Then for you guys to say he’s actually good at it makes it even better. To walk in as he got that medal today was incredibly special. He’s never won anything before. But it’s not about that, it’s about seeing him so happy. I am so proud and I can’t thank you guys enough. Enjoy this video of Lewis getting onto my poor sofa . Anyone got a spare vault?! Thanks again

Dean Dummett

Wixams Academy - Head of P.E

Spiral Freerun have been working with students at Wixams Academy for the past 12 weeks. We have been very impressed with the sessions provided from all of the coaches and staff as our students always enjoyed the sessions and looked forward to attending each week. Coaches were very friendly and approachable which made it easier for the students to enjoy and learn in the sessions. Communication between Spiral and us as a school has been great as Luke is always available to contact and speak to as and when needed. I would certainly recommend Spiral to others as they offer an alternative activity in free-running  that inspires young people into other aspects of sport.

David Woolf

Parent of Participant - Thursday Advanced Class

My son is really enjoying the step up to the Thursday group. Thank you for the time and dedication you give, it's great to know that hes got an outlet for his energy and he's being pushed in a safe way. He's stopped pushing himself in other sports before but he is enjoying the new challenges hes facing in the new group.

Gina Ciuro

Rushmoor School - Administrator

Spiral Freerun is a dynamic fun club which the children of Rushmoor School really enjoy. Luke who runs the club is very professional with both, us as a school, the children and the parents, its excellent value for money and I would recommend this great activity to any school.  Give it a try the children will love it.

Tracey Coppa

Sharnbrook Academy - Head of Dance & Drama

Spiral Freerun worked with us to raise awareness of improving mental health  through exercise. Luke was an absolute pleasure to work with. Students and staff alike found him to be personable and a great teacher. We definitely got fun sessions in a controlled environment. These sessions were well attended and loved by all who took  part. I would highly recommend them to any education establishment. 

Oliver Gray

Student (Adult Class)

Such a good group of people and so supportive, while teaching others what they love to do.

Jaco Wasserman

Student (Adult Class)

Great instructors, good atmosphere lots to learn. Always pushing harder

Bedford Tim

Parent of Birthday Party Booking - 10.12.2018

Thanks for a great birthday party last Sunday. Everyone enjoyed themselves and the cake was excellent. Highly recommended.

PLACE Bedfordshire

PLACE Bedfordshire - Home Ed Parkour Class

The children on the PLACE Programme love coming to Spiral. They are a group of mixed age and ability.  I only ever hear positive feedback. Parents say the coaches are fantastic with the children. Here are just a few of the comments the parents have had from their children:

He loved his trial lesson; I will certainly be signing him up for the rest of the term."

I enjoy everything about parkour."

The coaches are really clear and helpful and explain things really well. The stretches really help with my overall fitness."

My son really, really likes Parkour! I however, am a nervous wreck throughout! I was hoping he’d be happy to stop at Easter, having dipped his toe in the water, but no, he would like to continue. 

Vicki Brown

Parent of Participant - Have a Go With Harpur Day 2019

They are amazing and very patient with the children. My boys love it.

Beth Lucas

Parent of Participant - 1-1 Private Tuition

Highly recommend Spiral Freerun, it’s more than just freerunning its family, they really care about what they do and will look after your child (or you). I know some people are scared of the thought of freerunning but with coaches like Luke Nero Brown you are in safe, skilled and professional hands. My son has been lucky enough to have 1-1’s with him throughout both lockdowns and they have a wonderful friendship, Luke knows his ability and limits and explains each step of the way, the why and the how. I just love watching the progress they make, I also love that my son has such brilliant role models. And now they are available daily!

Jessie Fox

Parent of Participant - Tuesday Beginner Class

In my son's first sessions the coaches were very patient and embraced his excitement, he didn't stop moving for the whole hour. He learnt so much and hasn't stopped talking about free running! He can't wait to be back next week!

Sophie Parrish

Parent of Participant- Thursday Beginner Class

I can’t thank you enough for how much you’ve boosted Jacobs confidence. He was the shyest 6 year old ever, he hated school as he struggles academically, he wouldn’t go and get involved confidently in any after school activities, in his martial arts class he would stand embarrassed or cry because he didn’t want to do it!
Since starting parkour classes he is literally a different child, he’s absolutely found what he loves and is good at and it’s boosted his confidence massively. He is thriving at school, he’s gone up reading levels, he’s gone up swimming levels, ay martial arts he has been awarded his first grade. He now puts in 100% effort to absolutely everything he does and I put it down to the confidence he’s built through your classes.. he also loves it so much he asked to do gymnastics too and after two sessions they invited him to join the trampolining development squad!
So honestly from the bottom of my heart thank you so much for giving my child the confidence boost he needed.

Rhianna Jade Houghton

Parent of Participant- Trial Customer

This is such a fun and encouraging activity. My sons is 6 and was very nervous for his first trial session but was made to feel comfortable and included instantly by the friendliness of the teachers and other children in the group. He loved every second of it and has not stopped talking about it since. He has a membership now and is looking forward to his weekly sessions. As a mum of a very active boy I’m so happy something like this is made available for him to learn and be a part of.

Lynsey Murray

Parent of Student (Monday Beginner Class)

Luke and Rob are fantastic with my boys, clear instructions broken down to their level of understanding. The other children are really lovely, they all support each other, it’s such a great atmosphere each week.

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