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GymNova has been a speciliast in supplying sports equipment since 1978. With  gymnastics at their heart, GymNova have become the world leaders in gymnastics equipment and have supplied various gyms nationally and internationally around the glove with a full setup of apparatus. GymNova also  supply the Olympics with equipment for the gymnastic events and have recently began to explore equipment that has been tailor made for those who participate in Parkour/ Freerunning.

GymNova were kind enough to temporarily loan us £17,000 worth of equipment from their brand new 'Brick' range as a result of the floods that occured at our previous venue which resulted in just under £10,000 worth of damage. The range of equipment that has been supplied to us at Spiral Freerun is currently the only available set in the United Kingdom, and as a result we are incredibly grateful to be given this opportunity. At the end of the 3 month loan, GymNova agreed to transfer ownership of the equipment to us, in exchange for a long standing partnership/ sponsorship program.  

We are absolutely delighted to be representing GymNova not only inside our premises, but at local events, via social media and through word of mouth.  Keep your eyes peeled on our social media for videos of us showcasing the 'Brick' equipment and come and visit us at Spiral HQ to have a go on the UK's only prototpye of the equipment range first hand!


Brick Product Range:

GymNova Brick Equipment

GymNova Brick Equipment

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