Weekly Parkour Classes

Parkour is an increasingly popular sport with an array of benefits from increases in physical fitness, to improvements in social skills and personal qualities. A fantastic opportunity for children to involve themselves with.

Learning from parkour instructors  with years of experience, both learning parkour themselves, and teaching it to thousands of people across the UK of all ages and from all backgrounds, children will sure see an impact in their confidence, attitude towards learning and increases in appreciation and respect.

Parkour is especially beneficial to individuals with learning difficulties such as ADD, ADHD and Autism. The skills learnt during the classes, and the experiences in which the children will undertake during their learning will help them manage their dificulties and have an overall impact on their development.

The out of hours classes are our most popular choice and is open to everyone from ages 6+. With classes running on various days and times throughout the week, there is 

 opportunity to make new friends, learn fantastic new skills and have fun whilst doing so.

Our Prices:

  • Pay as you go - £10

  • Open Gym - £10

  • Home Ed (1 class per week) - £28

  • Bronze Membership (1 class per week) - £36

  • Silver Membership (2 classes per week) - £68

  • Gold Membership (3 classes per week) - £100

  • Squad Only Membership – £65 (1 squad class per week)

  • Squad Plus Bronze Membership – £96 (1 squad class plus 1  regular class per week)

  • Squad Plus Silver Membership – £128 (1 squad class plus 2  regular classes per week)

  • Squad Plus Gold Membership – £160