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Daily Parkour Classes

What We Do:

Our daily Parkour & Freerunning classes in our purpose built Mobile Gym, held at Ride Leisure, Wyboston Lakes are a great option for anyone, regardless of your ability; age; sex  or fitness level. We have a range of classes categorised by ability and age, to help provide you with the neccessary tools to start your Parkour journey, or develop it into the path of your choice.

In the classes, participants will firstly learn how to fall safely and save themselves in a position of danger. This is something that is repeated at the beginning of every session to ensure consistency within the foundation movements. Participants will then begin to explore the range of vaults, jumps, flips & tricks taught to them by each of the coaches. By following our in house grading scheme, consistency is achieved across the board allowing the learning process to be shared between all participants.

What Are The Benefits:

Parkour is an increasingly popular sport with an array of benefits from increases in physical fitness, to improvements in social skills and personal qualities. A fantastic opportunity for children to involve themselves with.

Learning from parkour instructors  with years of experience, both learning parkour themselves, and teaching it to thousands of people across the UK of all ages and from all backgrounds, participants will sure see an impact in their confidence, attitude towards learning and increases in appreciation and respect.

Parkour is especially beneficial to individuals with learning difficulties such as ADD, ADHD and Autism. The skills learnt during the classes, and the experiences in which the participants will undertake during their learning will help them manage their dificulties and have an overall impact on their development.

The out of hours classes at the Trinity Arts & Leisure Centre  are our most popular choice, With classes running on various days and times throughout the week, there is 

 opportunity to make new friends, learn fantastic new skills and have fun whilst doing so.

Spiral Freerun Grading:

Grading is something that is conducted every 3 months to allow participants ample time to improve and develop their movements, making grading seem more like a relaxed training session as opposed to a test. The grading system has been designed to take participants from a complete beginner to an advanced athlete, learning and mastering ground moves, wall moves, flips, vaults, flow and strength.

There are a total of 10 grades to work towards, with each grade getting increasingly more difficult. Participants will receive a colour co-ordinated wristband  to highlight the grade they are on. 


We offer an array of different classes, categorised by age and ability to aid the focus and development of each of our participants.  We recommend all participants to sign up for the Beginner classes, before moving over to the more advanced classes at the discretion of their coach. See below for a list of the classes we have to offer Monday-Sunday.

How To Sign Up:

You can sign up by clicking the button at the bottom of this page and choosing the relevant option.  Upon completion of our registration form, you will receive an email confirming your submission. One of our admin team will then approve your request to join and add you to the relevant class, where you will receive a further email confirming your enrolment in our classes.

For a full list of our classes and their payment options, please see below.

PLEASE NOTE: We only offer our memberships through a Direct Debit which is taken on a  Monthly basis.

Our Prices:

  • Mini's Membership (1 class per week) - £25

  • Open Gym Membership (unlimited Open Gym sessions) - £30

  • Bronze Membership (1 class per week) - £36

  • Adult's Membership (1 *2hr class per week)- £40

  • Bronze + Open Gym Membership (1 class per week and unlimited Open Gym sessions) - £50

  • Silver Membership (2 classes per week) - £55

  • Gold Membership (3 classes per week) - £80

  • Squad Membership – £65 (1 squad class per week - Saturday 'Open Gym' session included free of charge)

  • Platinum Membership (3 classes per week  & unlimited open gym) - £90

  • Squad Plus Bronze Membership – £95 (1 squad class plus 1  regular class per week)

  • Squad Plus Silver Membership – £110 (1 squad class plus 2  regular classes per week)

  • Squad Plus Gold Membership (1 squad class plus 3  regular classes per week) – £120


Members who are signed up to the Monthly Membership will be charged on the last day of each month electronically via Direct Debit.


  1. What should I wear whilst training in your facility? We recommend wearing loose fitting clothing, such as joggers or  shorts & a t-shirt. The gym gets very hot very quickly whilst training but can be quite cold if you're just watching so we would recommend wearing shorts under your jogging bottoms.

  2. What should I bring with me to the sessions? All you need to bring with you to the session is a water bottle. Parkour is an incredibly physically demanding sport and it is important to stay hydrated throughout the sessions.

  3. Do you do free trials? We offer free trials to all new customers. To book yours, simply use the contact us page or click here -

  4. What reasons would I want to do monthly membership as opposed to PAYG? Unfortunately we cannot guarantee you a space if your are signed up to our PAYG classes, and therefore in the event that we have 28 participants signed up to that class on a Monthly Membership, any PAYG members following on will be denied entry as members take priority. Monthly Membership also reduces the cost of classes in comparison to our PAYG service.

  5. If I sign up for membership and miss a session, will I be refunded or receive credit? Unfortunately we do not offer a refund for any sessions which are missed. This is because you are paying for a slot on a monthly basis (PAYG spaces cannot be guaranteed). If you miss a session, we can offer you an alternative class within 2 weeks of your absence. If you cannot attend any of the alternative sessions we offer, then you will not receive a refund of any kind. 

  6. What if I want to cancel my membership? If you wish to cancel your membership, we can do so immediately at any point. We unfortunately cannot offer you a refund as you have committed for that month's membership, and payment has already been taken.

  7. Do I need parkour specific footwear? Whilst Parkour specific footwear is highly recommended, Parkour is still a niche sport and specific footwear can be expensive and so  we would recommend any footwear which is lightweight, flexible in the toes and has a good amount of grip.

  8. Can I stay to watch my child during the session? We can accomodate up to 30 people inside our gym at once (including coaches & spectators. For these reasons, we only sometimes allow parents to view the session - this is down to the coaches discretion.

  9. On what days are you closed? We are open Monday-Sunday all year round and only close over the Christmas period. Trinity Arts & Leisure occasionally close their doors on certain abnk holidays. In the event of this, our classes will be cancelled.

  10. Is grading optional? Unfortunately, grading is not optional as this allows us coaches, parents and participants themselves to track  progression. We also believe that having a physical hard copy of your achievements allows participants to feel more motivated towards completing each grade.

  11. How will I receive communication from you? We communicate predominantly via email, however post all of our important updates on our Facebook page.

  12. Do you accept cash? We no longer accept cash, to ensure that all payments have a record for the customers safety, and our safety.

  13. Do you accept childcare vouchers? Unfortunately we do not accept childcare vouchers of any kind.

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