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Private Tuition


Our private tuition sessions are a great opportunity for anyone to get involved in Parkour/ Freerunning without the pressure of being watched by others. With each coach offering their own individual packages, we are happy to accomodate to any private coaching request. Private sessions can be conducted in the form of 1-1's or small group sessions such as 2-1's or 3-1's.

Whether you would like more of an intens session with one of our coaches to help develop your skills, you want to train with a select few friends, or you are aiming to achiee a specific goal within a trime frame, our team of coaches can help you to achieve tour goals by tailoring the sessions to suit your needs. See below a list of the coaches and their strengths.

All sessions are one hour long and the structure is set following talks of your personal goals with your coach of choice.

Prices - 

  • 1-1 = £30

  • 2-1 = £45

  • 3-1 = £60

Luke Brown (CEO/ General Manager) - 

  • BSc Sports Science & Coaching, specialising in  Biomechamics & Physiology.

  • Experience in training and developing coaches

  • Parkour practitioner for 10 years. 

Jesse Mumford (Director/ Product Manager) - 

  • Parkour practitioner for 10 years.

  • Responsible for the quality of all coaches working at Spiral Frerun.

  • Parkour Coach for 6 years.

Omar Jackson (Lead Coach) - 

  • Parkour UK (governing body) employee.

  • Parkour practitioner for 12+ years.

  • Stunt Work for movies/ adverts.

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