Terms & Conditions


  1. Students must understand that for their safety and the safety of the other students, any rules and instructions given by staff must be obeyed. 

  2. Students understand that although the coaches are there to assist you in your learning, accidents can still happen.

  3. Students understand that Parkour/ Freerunning is very dangerous and if performed incorrectly, can lead to serious injury.

  4. Students understand that Parkour/ Freerunning is physically demanding and involves running, jumping, climbing and other actions often involving speed and height.

  5. Students understand that Parkour/ Freerunning requires total focus and acknowledgement of their strengths and boundaries.

  6. Students understand that if at any point they start to feel unwell or as though they cannot continue for any reason, they must discontinue the activity for the safety of themselves and others around them.

  7. Students certify that they are in good health and have no reason why they should not be able to safely participate in the activity.

  8. Students are participating at their own risk and assume responsibility for their actions.

  9. Students consent to receiving medical treatment if necessary.

  10. Students are responsible for their own belongings and if lost or stolen, Spiral Freerun cannot take any responsibility.

  11. In the event of equipment being broken due to participants misuse, the student or parent/guardian will be responsible for covering the costs of the repair or replacement.

  12. Payment must be prior to attending the session or during the session. If not, access to classes may be denied.

  13. The student or parent/ guardian is responsible for paying all fees in accordance to Spiral Freerun payment policies.

Class Rules:

  1. Students must obey rules and instructions given by the coaches at all times, for the safety of themselves and others around them.

  2. Students must show coaches respect at all times and understand that they are the responsible adults in charge of their safety and wellbeing.

  3. Students must treat each other with respect.

  4. Verbal and physical abuse of any kind will not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly.

  5. Bullying of any kind will result in removal from the session and a possible banning from the club.

  6. Students must stay inside the designated court/ area in use for the session as other space has not been purchased by Spiral Freerun.

  7. Misbehaviour or disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated.

  8. Punishments may be given to students for disruptive behaviour, this can include time outs, conditioning or warnings.

  9. Queue jumping will not be tolerated.

  10. Equipment must be treated with respect and care, anybody found abusing this rule will be disciplined accordingly.

Photography & Videography:

  1. Due to the nature of our sport and business, photography and videography is a big part of our marketting and promotion. By signing our Participant Consent form, you are agreeing for us to photograph you/ your child and agree to have this published by the team on their social media sites.

  2. If you are not happy with us sharing photography/ videography of yourself or your child, please inform the team so they can manage this accordingly.

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