The Team

Name: Luke Nero Brown - Director & CEO

Bio: I launched the company in my time studying at university. We began teaching at  Bedford Academy, before branching out to Kings Oak Primary, Rushmoor, Goldington Academy & many more. We then opened of our own after school clubs in various local sports centres. around bedfordshire.

I have a degree in (BSc) Sports Science & Coaching as well as qualifications in Parkour, safeguarding, first aid, anti terrorism, COVID-19 safe practice, swim teaching and much more.

I have been teaching a multitude of sports since i was 16 years old, both inside and outside of schools working with children in Nursery, all the way through to elderly people.

My knowledge on Anatomy, Biomechanics, Physics & Coaching combined with my experience allow me to provide  a great teaching environment in which participants will learn more than just Parkour.

Name: Maciej Chrupek - Lead/ Assistant Coach.


I arrived in the UK in autumn 2019 to study Sport Rehabilitation and Therapy at the University of Bedfordshire. I began working with Spiral Freerun on January 2020.

I have been actively training parkour for 6 years now, and I have participated in variety of gatherings and workshops in my home country (Poland) during that time. I have also experience from House of Air Gliwice (trampoline park) where I was responsible for injury prevention and class teaching.

My main goal is to become a Physiotherapist, which combined with my parkour experience will allow me to train students safely and effectively, and also educate them on the anatomy & physiology of the human body.

Name: Connor Walker - Assistant Coach.

Bio: I have been training Parkour for over 10 years now and at a professional level in the more recent years as part of a well known team of professional parkour athletes.

I have known and trained with the Spiral Freerun team  for many of these years and have always been impressed with the company they have created and the work they have been doing so naturally I jumped at opportunity to become part of the team.

This has allowed me to put the knowledge I have gained in my 10+ years of Parkour training together with the specialist coaching skills I have learnt during my time so far at Spiral, allowing me to pass on my knowledge to the next generation and help them to improve their parkour ability.

Name: Ryan Flynn -Junior Coach.

Bio: I was a gymnast for nine years, I spent four of those years competing in tumbling at the English Gold Cup and at British Open. I joined the Spiral Freerun family two years ago to keep up with my training. I was fortunate enough to become a junior coach last year, and I hope to become a personal trainer in the future so I can help people achieve their goals. I enjoy training in my free time and i'm also interested in calisthenics. I'm very interested in parkour and because of this I really enjoy coaching and I hope to help as many of the students at Spiral Freerun be the best they can be.

Name: Rob Christopher - Director & Operations Manager

Bio: I Started doing parkour as a hobbie over 10 year ago whilst at school. I  then pursued becoming a parkour instructor and have now been teaching for 8 years. I found parkour had a massive impact on me, it helped improve my confidence and built life skills which have lead me to where I am today. I am a qualified in the following:  Lvl 4 Personal Trainer,  First aid trained, GP referral, Sports massage.

Name: Jamie Proud - Equipment Manager & Trainee Assistant Coach

Bio: I started training freerunning with Spiral in 2019.  My wife thought my son would like freerunning and brought him to Spiral, and after seeing what it was all about, she thought I might enjoy it too.  I was good at gymnastics as a kid and did martial arts for a number of years as well.  After one of my son's classes I asked if I could do a front-flip, and I've been training here ever since.  I started helping out during my son's lessons and am now training to be an assistant coach.  I have always been good at DIY and woodwork,  and after I assisted Luke in building some new equipment he made me Spiral's equipment manager, responsible for building, modifying, and maintaining our gym equipment.  I'm in my 40's so have to take more care than the younger guys, but freerunning really is for all ages.  In my day job I'm a Countryside Ranger with a conservation charity in Bedfordshire, which is varied and quite physical work.  I have found that freerunning helps to keep me limber and in shape, and it's great knowing that even at my age I can still improve my gymnastic ability and occasionally hold my own against the younger guys.