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Trampoline Park Sessions/ Programs


Flip Out (Rushden Lakes):

Our 6-week mini ninja courses at Rushden Lakes Flip Out develop participants from complete beginner to a competent mover in trampoline Parkour, Freerunning & Tricking. By working towards our specially designed grading system, incorporating elements of Parkour & Freerunning into Trampolining, participants will learn to safely train in the park using the stunt boxes, regular and performance trampolines. 



Gravity (Xscape Milton Keynes):

Our 1 hour classes at Gravity are aimed towards those who wish to safely train Parkour, Freerunning and Tricking without the fear of hard obstacles. These sessions can be seen as an introduction into the world of acrobatics combining elements of movement from a multitude of disicplines. Participants will make use of a variety of obstacles within the park include the slackiline, air bag &  trampoline court.



Boost Trampoline Parks (Northampton):

Our 2 hour sessions at Boost provides participants with a mixture of structured teaching and open gym to develop their skills and become more competent and safer jumper within the park. Whilst following our grading system specially designed for trampoline parks, participants will progress through the grades, earning themselves a wristband which can be used for discounts during open jump sessions. The sessions will combine a hybrid of movement from a variety of sports & disciplines to allow participants to find their style and choose their path going forward, whether that be in Trampolining, Parkour or any other discipline.


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