Parkour workshops are a great way of introducing the fundamental parkour skills over a shorter period of time and without having to commit to something on a regular basis. Whether you're looking to introduce this to an organisation for training purposes (police forces, security etc) or you're looking for a treat for a year group in school. Maybe you're another sports club looking to enlighten your participants with some fundamental skills which may assist their personal sport.


 Learning from parkour instructors  with years of experience, both learning parkour themselves, and teaching it to thousands of people across the UK of all ages and from all backgrounds, children will sure see an impact on their confidence, attitude towards learning and an increases appreciation and respect.

Parkour is especially attractive to individuals with learning difficulties such as ADD, ADHD and Autism. The skills learnt during the classes, and the experiences in which the children will undertake during their learning will help them manage their dificulties and have an overall impact on their development.

We have taught in many schools as one-offs and as a permanent/ long term  club. These schools include: Goldington Green Academy, Goldington Academy, Biddenham Upper School, Great Denham Primary, Elstow Lower School, Kings Oak Primary, Rushmoor School and many more.

We operate a ratio of 1 instructor to 10 participants.

Our Prices:

  • For one instructor per hour - £60

  • Two instructors per hour - £100

  • For one instructor for two hours - £90 

  • Two instructors for two hours - £160

  • For one instructor per whole day (6 hours) - £250 

  • Two instructors per whole day (6 hours) - £350

  • If you require us to travel to you with our equipment there may be an additional charge.