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Our Company Values

At Spiral Freerun CIC, we have a focus on the following 3 areas:

- Mental Health

We like to relate things back to Parkour where possible, and one of our favourite expressions is "apply the same principles that you use to overcome the obstacles that we do in parkour, to the obstacles you experience in everyday life." Parkour is an incredible mental health tool because of the situations that we expose ourself too require a huge amount of persistence, resilience and problem solving. Because the progression within the sport is entirely self dependent, you can set your goals as big or as small as you like and ultimately set the pace of your own progression. Parkour is an incredible confidence building tool also because of the exposure to things that physically scare you and the persistence in attempting to overcome them until it becomes second nature, makes you battle the uncomfortable and strengthen the mindset.

- Physical Health

Parkour is an incredible asset for improving your physical health because of the extreme demand on the body. Physical fitness components such as strength, endurance, power & speed will all see noticeable differences from training the sport. The long term effects of training Parkour have a large impact on risk assessment and in turn, reducing common non-sporting related injuries such as ankle sprains from falls for example. By learning to adapt to your environment and protect the body in situations that arrive in your Parkour training, you will increase your aerial awareness and understanding of how to utilise your body to its maximum potential.

- Inclusion & Diversity

At Spiral Freerun CIC we are devoted to creating a service (or series of services) that are inclusive to the whole community. Currently, our only restriction is to be over the age of 4 years old. This is due to the nature of our facility, with the majority of the equipment being made from steel & wood. We intend to reduce this limitation further once we move into our own facility and purchase some more child friendly, soft play type equipment. Unlike other sports, Parkour is incredibly inclusive and non-judgmental for the most part. This may have something to do with the fact that we who participate, will all share the same experiences despite our differences in ability, time dedicated and location. We feel strongly about inclusion as the team grew up within, and have been welcomed openly by the Parkour community in a number of different situations on numerous occasions. We want to keep this to provide a true feeling of what it feels like to be involved with the Parkour community. Bedford is an incredibly diverse town and one that we are proud to serve as a diverse team of individuals ranging in ethnicities and backgrounds.

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